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How to be responsible

1. Take Responsibility to Prioritize Yourself To take control of your life, you first have to feel worthy of a good life to make better decisions. Some people avoid taking responsibility for their lives because they have self-limiting beliefs. Thus, they may feel as though they don’t deserve better. Remember that it’s okay to be selfish sometimes. You can’t give love and support to others if you aren’t providing it for yourself. Prioritize yourself by practicing self-care and self-love activities. In loving yourself, you improve your confidence and understand that you have the final say in how you want your life to go. Self-love and self-care activities include a five-minute meditation, gardening, journaling, taking a hot bath, pampering yourself, and repeating positive daily affirmations. 2. Stop Playing the Blame Game Although convenient, it’s a massive form of self-sabotage when we play the blame game. It’s usually relatively easy to point the finger and cast judgment toward others

I am a Winner

  Winning is something that everyone can achieve. Winning or success is not only considered when you do extraordinary things or work. Yes that to is winning but it is extraordinary winning which cannot be done by normal people. But to do extraordinary things, you don’t need extraordinary people. You only need an extra amount of effort to be extraordinary than anyone else. There are two types of winning in this world. One which is decided by other people and one which you decide yourself. The one decided by people is only when the result you provide after any work or game or match is positive. At that point, the world will only judge by your result and not by the work or effort you put in. But when you are the one who decides whether you won or lost is the true compliment. Being praised by someone else is a proud moment for any person, but it’s not the only thing needed. What matters is how you feel after your work or match. In the world’s point of view, if you win, you will be praised

Poor & Poverty

  For almost 25 years, the number of people living in extreme poverty — on less than $2.15 per person per day — was steadily declining. But the trend was interrupted in 2020, when poverty rose due to the disruption caused by the COVID-19 crisis combined with the effects of conflict and climate change — which had already been slowing poverty reduction. Decreased income, job losses, and work stoppages during the pandemic were especially damaging to poor households. Women, youth, and low-wage and informal workers, especially those living in urban areas, were among the hardest hit. Inequality rose both within countries and between countries, with long-term impacts on access to opportunity and to social mobility. Although global poverty has more recently resumed its pre-pandemic downward trajectory, between 75 million and 95 million additional people could be living in extreme poverty in 2022 compared to pre-COVID-19 projections, due to the lingering effects of the pandemic, the war in Ukra

How to Talk to parents

 1.  Be brave.  No matter what the subject, know that you will lessen the burden on your shoulders as soon as you share it with your parents. Don’t feel worried, anxious, or embarrassed as your parents are meant to be there for you always. They may also know more than you think. 2.  Don’t avoid the conversation.  Any problems or awkwardness won’t simply go away if you avoid having a conversation with your parents. Relieve the stress by getting it out in the open. Knowing that your parents are trying to understand you and solve any problems can help alleviate your stress and anxiety 3.  Schedule a time and place to have your conversation.  Find out your parents’ schedule so you know when a good time to chat will be. You don’t want your parents to be distracted thinking about a meeting or having to prepare dinner. The location of your conversation is also important as you may not want any distractions like TV or your parents’ coworkers chiming in. 4.  Schedule a time and place to have yo

I am a Winner

  You’ve set out on a diet, and you actually lose that extra weight—you’re smiling, you’re excited, you’re getting new clothes. If you get off track and don’t get the job done, you are frustrated—and usually, this frustration is not accompanied by a great, fun trip to buy more fun things for your wardrobe to wear. No, you wait until you lose the weight to do that. You may not have fun thinking about competition and the idea of winning and losing that much but it affects every area of your life. Most of the time you’re  competing  against yourself and you either make the things happen that you want or you let yourself get beat. The sooner you learn to play to win in life, the sooner you are going to start enjoying it. Nobody wins all of the time but having some successes along the way sure makes things a whole lot more pleasurable and satisfying. Some of the eggheads have tried to take the competition out of sports for young children but it doesn’t work. The parents may not be keeping s

How to Talk to parents

1. Recognize that your parents are there to help. Although it can be difficult to reason with your parents sometimes, they were teenagers once too, and more than likely they had similar challenges. Discussing important things with your parent/guardian can actually help to strengthen your relationship with them and build mutual trust. 2. Try easing into conversations. You can start by talking to your parents about little things every day. Chatting with your parents frequently can help keep the lines of communication open, and can make it more comfortable when you need to talk to them about really important stuff. 3. Listen to your parents and ask them to really listen to what you have to say too. Some parents have strong opinions and/or personal beliefs about certain things. Make sure you start a conversation when there are no (or few) distractions. Most parents want to talk openly with their kids but struggle with what to say and how to say it. They can be just as anxious as you might

I am a Winner

  Everyone is a potential winner do not let appearances fool you. Some people are just disguised as losers. A winner is someone who has given his best effort, who tried the hardest he possibly can, utilized every ounce of energy and strength within him to accomplish something. It doesn't mean that they accomplished it or failed, it means that they've given it their best. That's a winner! My personal life story might give you a bit of refocusing. Winners and losers aren't born, they are products of how they think. That’s why it's important, not ever to let a soul in the world tell you that, you can't be exactly who you are. In life you face hard times. Experience shows, it's in this moments you tend to ask a lot of questions as Why Now?, Why Me? or Why? It's when you hit your lowest position you're opened to the greatest change. That good wife might not have found you, before that heart breaking situation. This dream job would not have been here if yo

What is impact of not being responsible

When we don't take responsibility for our actions, we give others control over the outcomes in our lives. We are no longer  able  to choose our  response.  We aren't  response-able.  So long as we give up responsibility to others, we give up control of our lives.  So, if we don't take responsibility for our actions, we give up our freedom. You will be depressed, and most likely very angry, with your life. You will bounce around from meaningless jobs to meaningless jobs either because you quit or were fired from each of them. If by some chance you are able to stay at the same job year after year, everyone who works with you or for you will only ever do the bare minimum amount of work because it’s almost guaranteed you’ll have thrown them under the bus at some point or another.  You’ll have no true friends in your personal life because they’ll learn fairly quickly that you are not a reliable or trustworthy person. You’ll most likely have financial problems that stem from some

How to talk to parents

Parents, the source from where our life begins the most important thing in our life. We should keep them happy. We talk more to our friends but we must talk to our parents as well. It's always said that the 5 people we spend the most time with are the people we become like. The more we talk to our friends, the more we become like them. So we must make sure we don't forget how to talk to our parents. Here are some tips on how to talk to parents:- 1. Come prepared with the topic you wanna discuss on Whenever you wanna talk to your parents about something, make sure you're ready with all the valid notes to discuss with your parents so that all their doubts can be cleared and they can agree with your point. 2. Modulate your tone If you wanna get some work done, make sure your tone is calm and non-reactive. Your tone should be changed according to the thing you wanna do. If you're being loud, there are chances that the discussion you wanted can convert into a harsh debate. 3

How to Be Responsible

 1. Taking Care of Yourself and Others Doing just the things you are asked to do is responsible. But to show that you can care for yourself and others, you need to do things before you're asked. It's your job to keep up with the things you own, from your shoes to your keys. If you put them in the proper place when you're done using them, you won't have trouble finding them later. 2. Showing Maturity in Relationships When you do something wrong, own up to it. You're going to make mistakes; everyone does. However, where you show you're responsible is when you can say you made a mistake. White lies, like telling someone you like their new scarf when you don't, generally aren't an issue. However, when you let big lies enter relationships, such as lying about what you do with your time, can have bigger consequences. Try to be as honest as you can, as honesty shows you are responsible enough, to tell the truth. 3. Planning Your Time Whether you have a daily pl