What is impact of not being responsible

When we don't take responsibility for our actions, we give others control over the outcomes in our lives. We are no longer able to choose our response. We aren't response-able. So long as we give up responsibility to others, we give up control of our lives. So, if we don't take responsibility for our actions, we give up our freedom.

You will be depressed, and most likely very angry, with your life. You will bounce around from meaningless jobs to meaningless jobs either because you quit or were fired from each of them. If by some chance you are able to stay at the same job year after year, everyone who works with you or for you will only ever do the bare minimum amount of work because it’s almost guaranteed you’ll have thrown them under the bus at some point or another.

 You’ll have no true friends in your personal life because they’ll learn fairly quickly that you are not a reliable or trustworthy person. You’ll most likely have financial problems that stem from some form of depression. All in all, it’ll be a miserable life.


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