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Time To Talk: Talking To Your Parents

  Talking To Parents Talking to a parent about mental health can be scary for a number of reasons. Many people report being afraid to tell their parents because they do not want to upset them. Sometimes we don’t understand where troubling feelings or thoughts are coming from and feel guilty for having them. A good question to ask yourself in this situation is how would you feel if someone you love were suffering and came to you? Likely, you would be upset that they were struggling, but you would not be upset with them. You would be glad they confided in you and ready to help them in any way you could. Here are some of the most common concerns people give for not talking to their parents and some tips  for overcoming them. "I don't know how my parents will react." Talking can be scary, but the help available is worth it. The sooner you address things, the sooner you can feel better and the better you will be in the long-run. If you are concerned about how your parents will

Where will the poor live in 2030?

The world is experiencing a tipping point in its fight against poverty. By 2022, more than half of the world’s people living in extreme poverty will be living in fragile states, according to projections by  W orld Data Lab . There are currently 39 fragile states that the  World Bank classifies  as “countries with high levels of institutional and social fragility” and “affected by violent conflict.” They are home to almost 1 billion people, 335 million of which lived in extreme poverty in 2020. Geographically, poverty is increasingly concentrated in Africa, and success in ending poverty globally will largely depend on African fragile states.

How to talk to your parents like an adult, avoid arguments, and actually be heard

No matter how old you get, talking to your parents can often feel, well, strained to put it mildly.  Part of it is to do with having completely different mindsets. What makes sense to you can seem completely foreign to them simply because it was not a possibility when they were your age. Don’t be scared You might be worried about your parents’ reaction to whatever you want to discuss with them. As a result, you might want to avoid speaking about it entirely. Know who you want to speak to Maybe it’s better to discuss your subject with your mum first, or you’d feel more comfortable talking to your dad about it. If you have a parent who gets mad quickly, and the other is calmer, then speak to the calmer one first and get them on your side before you speak to the other parent. Choose your time wisely You’re less likely to get the outcome you’re looking for when the person you’re talking to is feeling stressed or busy. Find a moment to schedule a time and place for your talk. That way, you

I am the winner!

Winning is something that everyone can achieve. Winning or success is not only considered when you do extraordinary things or work. Yes, that is winning but  it is extraordinary winning which cannot be done by normal people. But to do extraordinary things, you don’t need extraordinary people. You only need an extra amount of effort to be extraordinary than anyone else. There are two types of winning in this world. One which is decided by other people and one which you decide yourself. The one decided by people is only when the result you provide after any work or game or match is positive. At that point, the world will only judge by your result and not by the work or effort you put in. But when you are the one who decides whether you won or lost is a true compliment. If you feel you didn’t give your best when you failed, that thought will always be there at every moment of your life and will make you blame yourself for not working hard. Blaming is not the answer to your loss. Accept th

Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we react to it!

Reactions are the things that show how your life will be. To be positive in life, you need to make your reactions positive. The more you make your life cheerful, the more good results you start getting. Time is one of the most important things. If you keep wasting your time reacting to things, you'll regret them later, eventually wasting more of your time.  Everything you do depends on your reaction. A good reaction leads to a good conversation ahead while a bad/negative reaction can make your conversation have a bad ending. We must try to add gratitude to our lives.  Being helpful to things is one of the most important things. There are many benefits of having gratitude in life. Some of the benefits are:- improved sleep quality improve emotional regulation increase feelings of happiness and positive mood fostering hope for the future, ETC. Now, what steps we can take to reduce reactions in life? Someone has said. 'When there's a will, there's a way. If you want to stop