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Mother, the 2nd form of God.

Mother's day is celebrated to honor all the mothers. This festival is celebrated on Sunday, May 10, 2020. It is celebrated in various parts of the world to express respect, honor, and love towards mothers.  It was first celebrated on May, 10 in 1908. Mother's day was an initiative of Anna Jarvis when she organized a memorial for her mother. By 1911, the United States started to celebrate Mother's Day.  It is mostly celebrated in March or May.                                                                                    My Mom! My best friend!   Yes - She is my best friend. She always plays with me  and whatever I ask for something, she gives it to me. She always takes care of me and my family. She always helps me with my homework. I love her very much. I have had some of the greatest moments with her and I will always cherish those moments. Mom - The best, always and forever the best! My mom is the best because she takes care of me, she gives me whatever I ask

Information About Covid-19 part 2

Covid-19 is a disease that has spread worldwide. The total number of Covid-19 cases worldwide has reached 35,29,408 as per Monday,4 April 9:45 pm, and 42,836 cases in India . It has spread mostly in the NewYork in the US worldwide and Maharasthra In India. There are some new symptoms of Covid-19 of different kinds of the same virus. Our Government has taken some steps to prevent the possibility of the spread of Covid-19 . They have made some terms and by following them, we can go out in lockdown . We must stay at home due to prevent ourselves from this Virus . There is no medicine of this virus but scientist have started decoding the Covid-19 virus A .