I am a Winner

 You’ve set out on a diet, and you actually lose that extra weight—you’re smiling, you’re excited, you’re getting new clothes. If you get off track and don’t get the job done, you are frustrated—and usually, this frustration is not accompanied by a great, fun trip to buy more fun things for your wardrobe to wear. No, you wait until you lose the weight to do that.

You may not have fun thinking about competition and the idea of winning and losing that much but it affects every area of your life.

Most of the time you’re competing against yourself and you either make the things happen that you want or you let yourself get beat.

The sooner you learn to play to win in life, the sooner you are going to start enjoying it. Nobody wins all of the time but having some successes along the way sure makes things a whole lot more pleasurable and satisfying.

Some of the eggheads have tried to take the competition out of sports for young children but it doesn’t work. The parents may not be keeping score but the kids do.

They know who the winner was and who lost. 

Life is all about competition and if you won’t compete, you are going to get left behind by the people who will compete.


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