I am the winner!

Winning is something that everyone can achieve. Winning or success is not only considered when you do extraordinary things or work. Yes, that is winning but  it is extraordinary winning which cannot be done by normal people. But to do extraordinary things, you don’t need extraordinary people. You only need an extra amount of effort to be extraordinary than anyone else.

There are two types of winning in this world. One which is decided by other people and one which you decide yourself. The one decided by people is only when the result you provide after any work or game or match is positive. At that point, the world will only judge by your result and not by the work or effort you put in. But when you are the one who decides whether you won or lost is a true compliment.

If you feel you didn’t give your best when you failed, that thought will always be there at every moment of your life and will make you blame yourself for not working hard. Blaming is not the answer to your loss. Accept the loss and believe in yourself. If you blame, the belief in you will start depleting. Never think low of yourself when you don’t get the result of what you imagined. If you didn’t work up to your limit, that might be one mistake but if you have worked past your limit then no need to blame. This might you might have failed but next, you will definitely be victorious.

Watching dreams is good because watching dreams is the only way we're able to complete our dream. I hope you get all the victories in your life and make sure you're able to attain your dreams


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