Book Summary - Jugaad Innovation Think Frugal, Be Flexible, Generate Breakthrough Growth

Jugaad is a Hindi word that means to find a smart solution to any problem or situation. Because every time you cannot cry about your situation, then here Jugaad Principal will come in handy. There are many such people in India who have come up with innovative solutions to their problems and these people have also become successful.

The author of this book has targeted different mindsets. In search of a solution, he has visited countries like India, Brazil, China, and Russia. The result of their hard work and research is this book that we have brought for you.

During this research, he came to know that very soon India is going to be at the forefront of innovation. Everyone knows that the Indian market is a bit complex and chaotic, but despite all these challenges, it is growing steadily.

Jugaad innovators are very creative and resilient type. It is their habit that these people see the glass as half full, that is, they always see the positive side of things. They see every challenge as an opportunity. These people are not afraid of the environment around them but embrace every obstacle in the way, they mold them according to their wishes. And we feel that greatness comes from a tough environment. If you are living a harsh life then believe that you can be more successful than those people who live a life of ease. Because you can create opportunities for yourself, you can convert challenges into Opportunities.

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