You should forget the regrets and move on. Regrets make us feel bad. Having no regrets sounds right, sounds convincing, but the only problem with it is that this mindset is wrong. Regret is a part of being human. You don't need to run away from it or feel bad about it. Regrets help you make better decisions, better yourself and give meaning to life. This has been proved by many studies done by researchers over the years.  

A person who cannot feel remorse has a brain problem or has suffered a brain injury. In a 2004 study, cognitive scientists used a gambling game to study regret. They had two digital roulette games that participants had to spin through a computer. Participants could choose only one roulette from among them. Depending on the result, he could win or lose money. 

Our ability to mentally time travel and see an event differently makes us feel remorseful. We should also talk about the factors that differentiate remorse from other negative emotions like sadness and first impressions.

It seems a logical thing that people would choose to say "At Least" over "If Only". After all we all want happiness and try to avoid pain. but it's not like that.

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