Book Summary - Mindsight: The New Science of Personal Transformation

To be aware of your thoughts, behavior, and feelings, you will need Mindsight to be aware of them. MindSight is a mental activity that helps you focus on your mistakes and bad habits. This is a tool that will help you become better than ever. 

We live in external means external and internal means the inner world. The outside world is where we meet and interact with other people. The inner world is your inner world. It includes every thought, idea, and feeling that comes to your mind. But the sad thing is that there are some bad parts in your inner world too. Every regret, failure, and fear is waiting to dominate you like a shadow. 

Mindsight means being aware of how we are thinking. It helps us to analyze how we react, and behave in any situation. Besides being aware, MindSight will allow us to change habits and reactions that are not so good. If a person does not always act well then MindSight will teach us to change it. 

Observation means trying to understand better what we experienced. Taking a step back in this, we must notice how we behave and react at that moment. This way we can see whether the way we are reacting is right or needs to be changed. 

The purpose of objectivity is to keep in mind that we should not get carried away by our feelings or thoughts or let them dominate us. These feelings and thoughts are all temporary, they change after some time, so we should not make this one thing our identity. Objectivity develops our decision-making ability. Thoughts and feelings are things that go on in our minds but they are not reality. Therefore, when we are going through a difficult situation, we should not think only about our thoughts and feelings. 

Mindsight emphasizes thinking. It means we should be reflective, not reactive. Reflective means we need to think but reactive means you let your emotions control your behavior. 

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