Book summary - Brain Rules

Brain is one of the most needed organ of human body. Without it, we would be able to do nothing.Your brain is not only powerful but also very fast. Anything you think happens because of millions of neurons inside it.

# 1 Exercise Boosts Brain Power

People in the old days, user to roam from place to place. They faced many problems as well. Because they used to move from place to place, their brains evolved and it got better as time passed.

# 2  The Human Brain Evolved, Too

While time was passing, humans also kept on evolving and slowly, their brains got evolved which also contributed in the evolution of brain and making it faster.

# 3 We Don’t Pay Attention to Boring Things

We need to pay attention to learn things. The more attention you give to something, the more you will be able to remember it. Many things distract our attention. We must focus on important things.

I hope these things helped you knowing how brain works!

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