10 Idioms that will help you in life!

Idioms are a group of words established by usage as having a meaning not deducible from those of the individual words. Today I will tell you 10 new Idioms that you should definitely know.

1. Night owl - It means someone who stays up late.

2. Pig out - It means to eat a lot.

3. Put a bug in his ear - It means to make a suggestion.

4. Raining cats and dogs - It means it is raining very hard.

5. Snail's pace - It means to move extremely slow.

6. Stir a hornet's nest - It means to cause a lot of trouble.

7. Teacher's pet - It means the teacher's favorite student.

8. The world is your oyster - It means you can achieve whatever/go wherever you want.

9. When pigs fly - It means to say something is impossible.

10. Wolf in sheep’s clothing - It means a person who pretends to be nice but is not.


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