10 Mac Status Bar Apps you should try now!!

 Hi everyone, Trust you are well in these pandemic times. 

The world has changed a lot in these pandemic times. 

Macbook, is one of the best operating systems in this world. Macbook has many things like menu bar, dock much more stuff like this. Today I will tell you 10 of the best Menu Bar apps that you should try now

1. Itsycal - It is the best calendar app for the Menu Bar. When you click on it, it shows a small calendar for you. 

2. Night Owl - If you are still on MacOs Mojave, then you must download Night Owl which makes you change your macOS color mode with a click of mouse. You can also turn on Scheduled option by which, after sunset, it will automatically change it to dark made. 

3. Vanilla - If you have so many menu bar items, you can download Vanilla which is a free app and you can hide your menu bar items from it.

4. Caffeine - Caffeine is an app that keeps your Mac awake forever. 

5. f.lux - It is an app by which you can set custom night mode display color as per your wish. You can also set display color as per your location.

6. AppLocker - AppLocker can lock any of your apps and you can set a custom password for any app that you want. 

7. Spectacles - Spectacles is the best app for setting a defined window size. You can also set the custom keyboard shortcuts as per your wish. 

8. Airbar - By Airbar, you can connect your airpods by one mouse click in the menu bar. 

9. 1440 minutes left today - This app tells you how many minutes are left for the current day to over.

10. Alfred - Alfred is an alternative of Spotlight. You can search files, reveal them in finder and many more things.


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