10 Idioms you should know

Idioms, are a group of words established by usage as having a meaning not deducible from those of the individual words. Today I will tell you 10 new Idioms that you should definitely know.

1. Give the benefit of the doubt - It means believe someone's statement, without proof.

2. Hear it on the grapevine - It means to hear rumours.

3. Hit the nail on the head - It means do or say something exactly right.

4. In the heat of the moment - It means overwhelmed by what is happening in the moment.

5. It takes two to tango - It means actions or communications need more than one person.

6. Jump on the bandwagon - It means join a popular trend or activity.

7. Keep something at bay - It means keep something away.

8. Last straw - It means the final problem in a series of problems.

9. Let the cat out of the bag - It means to share information that was previously concealed.

10. Miss the boat - It means to say that someone missed his or her chance.


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