International Chess Day


Hi everyone, Trust you are well in these pandemic times. 

The world has changed a lot in these pandemic times. 

Today I will tell you about INTERNATIONAL CHESS DAY. 

Every year, Chess day is celebrated on 20 July. The first chess day was celebrated on 20 July 1966. The idea to celebrate this day was proposed by UNESCO. This game is a combination of sport, scientific thinking, and elements of arts. 

History of the chess day

The CHESS was made during the Gupta period in the Northern Indian Subcontinent. The Chess was firstly called "Chaturanga". The game spread to Persia. When The Arabs conquered Persia, The game became an important part of the life of the Muslim population. Then it spread till Southern Europe. Then, in Europe, it took the shape of a modern game. 

It became more popular. In the excitement of the game, many chess tournaments also occurred. The chess tournaments are held all over the world. The General Assembly declared 20 July as World Chess Day on 12 December 2019.  

I hope you got to know about the details about Chess 

Keep Well, stay safe. 

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