Obeying our parents

50 Parents quotes that will make you appreciate them
Hi everyone, trust you are doing well in these pandemic times. 

The world around us has changed a lot in these Covid-19 Times and In these pandemic times, parents are the only ones who are supporting their children.

Today, I am expressing my gratitude for my parents through a short writeup.

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Yes, we must obey them as they have Loved us and make us so big that we can make our own decisions. But have we ever thought that how much hard work they do for us and what we have done for them? Parents are the first friend of a child. They give us whatever we ask for. 

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One thing by which we can make our parents happy is by obeying them. It is the best way to make them happy.

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Parents always want our good and tell us the tasks that make us happy so we should obey them. 

                 Importance of parents when we’re a child 

The parents play an important role in the development of a child. They provide the essential thing required by a child. They give pens, pencils, food, minerals, and nutritions. The parents give their child basic information about how to tackle and rise. 

On the closing note, I'd say we should all obey our parents and take care of them.

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