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Hypebot posts daily content for indie musicians and record labels, including blogs about the music business, news, and technology. Their posts are usually in-depth and well worth reading, but great tips can often be found in the comments section of their posts too, so remember to scroll down and you might find something interesting.

2. Music Business Worldwide
Although it’s not necessarily a blog, Music Business Worldwide offers comprehensive news, insight, and analysis from across the global music industry. It’s also well worth subscribing to their newsletter if you want the very latest music industry news delivered straight to your inbox.
 3. Ditto Music Blog
At Ditto music, we are passionate about supporting independent music however and whenever possible. Our blog is regularly updated with useful tips and advice for musicians of all levels, to help them to create sustainable music careers, focussing on marketing, promotion, technology, opportunities and much more.

4. The Unsigned Guide
The Unsigned Guide is filled with useful info and articles for up-and-coming bands and artists. The site’s free-to-read blogs are filled with lots of great tips and opportunities, but you can also subscribe to view their wide-ranging directory and access the contact details of thousands of industry bods and companies, from labels and studios to managers, publishers and more.


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