Pinch me for sure, because I am lucky indeed. I recently visited the homeland of authentic Italian Pomodoro sauce, on the Amalfi Coast near Naples, Italy—the hub of authentic Italian pasta manufacturing and tomato farming. It was the trip of a lifetime, complete with amazing views of the dramatic coastal cliffs, white-knuckled winding roads I luckily didn’t have to chauffeur, so much amazing time with friends on the tour, and more real-deal authentic Italian food than I could dream of—so fresh and delicious I never wanted to leave. But why would I expect anything less? I was there with DeLaloo Food, a brand I’ve worked with for many years and shared using many recipes their blogs here on the website, and who imports only the best ingredients direct from Italy to the U.S. We were in Italy to visit their pasta factory and learn more about what makes pasta made in the small southern city of Gragnano in the Campania region of Italy, the best, certifiably authentic pasta in the world—and the only way DeLallo produces their delicious Italian pasta. In addition to learning about how pasta is made, we took a cooking class and learned how to make this classic Pomodoro al Spaghetti from the chefs of the two-star Michelin awarded restaurant Don Alfsolo, where among all of their highly regarded recipes, this is their most popular recipe. It may have been the simplest meal we had on the trip and might be the reason it ended up being my favorite. I couldn’t wait to get home and master this classic Pomodoro sauce myself, and now, you’re about to as well.


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