Self-driving car

AI has been evolving since ever. People have kept on adding stuff to it to make it better. One of the places where AI is used is 'Self Driving Cars. There Are many car manufacturing companies that work in this domain. A few Of them Are:- Motional, Magna International, AutoX, Cruise Etc. 

People have started to prefer Self Driving cars more than normal ones as they provide more comfort than ever. Xiaomi CEO says it has 140 vehicles across China testing autonomous driving. 

Tesla is one of the leaders in the world of self-driving cars and AI-driven cars. The cars of Tesla have literally everything ranging from Automatically turning on, lane assistant, etc. Car manufacturers in India like Mahindra have also tried to add these features in their latest launch, Mahindra XUV 700, and have proven to be successful in it as well. 

The launch of Mahindra XUV 700 has increased the month-on-month growth of Mahindra Group as well. This car has resulted in 4.06 percent MoM growth. 

Recently, China's Baidu wins the first permits for fully driverless robotaxis in Wuhan and Chongqing. This can make china take a major league and win the advancement in AI Field race.


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