Book Summary - The Science of Getting Rich

In this book, you will read the secret of success, happiness, and becoming rich. Whatever background you belong to, you can still be rich. Your dreams can come true. The life you want to live is not far away from you. But for this, you have to think in a certain way. You should be thankful to others for what you have. It should be your endeavor that you can be of use to others. If you apply the things read in this book in your life, then no one will be able to stop you from getting rich. 

The Right to be Rich

Wealth doesn't just mean money. Rather it means that you should have tools that develop your body, mind, and soul. Only the one who is rich can achieve his full potential. For a healthy mind, we should read good motivational books. We should travel so that we can explore this world. We should have an understanding of art and should also know how to appraise art. But you need money to read and write, to study and to travel the world.

The First Principle in the Science of Getting Rich

All the things that you are using today are the result of thought. For example, the chair in which you are sitting, the book you are reading, the internet, and the smartphone you use. All these things came first in someone's mind. Everything we use was once an idea.

Increasing Life


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