Book Summary - THE POWER OF SELF-COMPASSION:Using Compassion Focused Therapy to End Self-Criticism and Build Self-Confidence

Self-confidence doesn't just mean learning how to talk to other people, it's also not about boosting your ego. Self-confidence means believing in yourself. This is something that comes with time with hard work. If you are confident, you can do whatever you want to do. 

You will learn to be kind to yourself through Compassion Focused Therapy. Often we find many shortcomings in ourselves and become critical of ourselves, so this method will help you to be less critical about your actions and thoughts. You will be surprised to know how cruel and strict you can be towards yourself.

Self-Confidence Is Something You Build and Maintain, Not Something You Have

Your self-confidence has a huge and profound effect on you. You might think that self-confidence means having faith in yourself, but it doesn't mean just that.

Self-confidence also means how you feel about yourself. It also means how you see yourself. It means how you think about things and how you take action.

You are not born with self-confidence. You need to build it up as you get older. Only looking at your own shortcomings prevents you from gaining self-confidence. In other words, you always underestimate yourself.

You only focus on your mistakes and make yourself feel bad. By coming out of your insecurities and accepting your shortcomings, you can build your self-confidence. 

Keep trying to do the things you think you can't. If you lack courage, just tell yourself that being afraid is completely normal. Be kind to yourself too. Take time to understand yourself. Then, try to let go of your fear. In this way, you can build self-confidence with compression.

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  1. You will discover that the greatest method to develop real, enduring self-confidence is really to focus on self-compassion rather than self-esteem in The Power of Self-Compassion. Self-esteem has for too long been predicated on the notion that you are doing OK if you accomplish specific goals. As a result, you can start evaluating yourself against others. The skills and behavioural strategies presented in this book are taken from the ground-breaking compassion-focused therapy (CFT), which maintains that developing true self-confidence requires being kind to oneself, even when things are not going well.

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