Book Summary - The Hour A Day Entrepreneur -Escape the Rat Race and Achieve Entrepreneurial Freedom with Only One Focused Hour A Day

You will not get satisfaction until you get out of your current work situation. It is very important for a business owner to know the marketing basics. This is a skill that will always come in handy. The first step to becoming a first-class marketer is to have a complete grasp on these basics, only then you will be able to move forward. 

You can't get real freedom unless you work for others. Your boss controls your financial stability, daily schedule, and goals. If you really want freedom, be your own boss. you need something that will remind you why you want to be an entrepreneur. You quit your job because you want freedom. So write it as a declaration of independence. This is a document that will keep you motivated to fight the odds throughout the entire journey of entrepreneurship. 

You can complete this document in just 30 minutes and it has three parts. 

The first part is to write the names of your enemies. Your enemies are none other than the things that stop you from achieving your financial freedom. These things can be anything like a big person or your bad habits or you have low confidence in yourself. 

The second part is: How will you achieve your freedom and happiness? For this, you have to write this thing on paper while promising yourself. 

The final part is: Write down the things you can sacrifice to achieve your goals. By the way, keep in mind that what is really important to you is not to be sacrificing such as your family and your values.  

To make a successful business, your journey will be like the flight path of a plane. This is the power of the Declaration of Independence. The beginning and the end are clear but remember that you will never travel in a straight line. You must know that the route of the plane also adjusts according to the weather. Just assume that this path is not straight but crooked. 

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