Book Summary - The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

 One of the biggest treasures inside humans is his/her subconscious mindThis book summary will help you to change your life. It is a very simple rule. What you get is the result of what you think. 

Your subconscious mind has more power than you can imagine. There is a whole gold mine inside you which is your conscious mind and just imagine what can happen to your life if you get control over it! When you keep on trying to convince your brain for something, like convincing your brain not to fail a test or something then you are indirectly forcing your brain to do so.

Never let negative thoughts come into your mind because, as you know your subconscious brain, will believe that the negative thoughts are true and it will slowly depress and kill you from inside, making you a negative person. Always be full of faith and hope, nobody knows when the stars will shine.

Let's see the power of the Subconscious brain with an example - An old woman was convinced that she would lose her memory, but she kept assuring her mind that nothing like this would happen. Rather she kept convincing herself that her memory was increasing day by day.

The Conscious Mind is that which thinks and the Sub-Conscious Mind believes in your every thought and adopts it. Everything that you think and do is completely believed by all the conscious mind. So make sure your brain has all good thoughts and keeps itself full of good things/news/information.

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