Book Summary - Battlefield of the Mind

 Your thoughts are one of the most powerful things you have that can change your world. According to the author, A devil with bad thoughts is always fighting a war against your brain. He knows about the strength of your thoughts but sometimes, people miss out on this strength and the devil takes over them, making them bad humans.

By the end of this book, you will have the weapons to defeat that devil and you will have won half the battle with him. 

When the author was reading the Bible, she felt something. In the King James Version of the Bible, it is said that what a man thinks in his heart, he becomes. Our thoughts control our actions. A negative mindset will always make you lead to a negative mindset.

According to the book, It has been mentioned in Bible that we are in a continuous battle with the demon and his army. He never does immediate impact but slowly keeps on making us weaker and winning over us. The devil slowly starts sowing seeds like doubt, fear, and doubt in our minds. The devil starts proving our beliefs and thoughts about God as false. 

The MAIN weapon to kill this demon and survive in a positive life is to praise and perform prayers. Your praise for god and your thoughts are directly proportional. The more you praise God, the more your thoughts become positive and you start living a simple but positive life. 

Romans say that - the first which is the mind of our body and the second which is the mind of our soul. 

The worst thing about our body is that we start fulfilling its desires even if it goes against the words of God. This is one of the main reasons why we start leading a negative life. If we start listening to the soul, we'll start following god's way and we become a satisfied spirits.

The Final Line Is - Always remember one thing your life cannot be organized until your mind is not organized.

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