Book Summary - The Art of Manipulation

 Manipulation is one of the most important skills for a human to learn. Every person has some specialties, so by studying them and trying to understand them, you can control them, and get whatever you want from them. This is what is called the Art of Manipulation i.e. handling people. Only 5% of the people have mastered this skill. Manipulating people can be bad or good. The person who uses manipulation tactics depends on his intention whether he is good or bad.

People who explain too much, we should pay attention to those people. Such people try to compensate for the lack of trust. You need to pay attention to them as they try to fool you with their lies. People who tell about something over and over again can be liars. Such people give you many details so that you can be sure about their point of view. 

One should beware of those who claim that they had a lot of money earlier which is now sunk. This shows that whatever the person you are dealing with, whatever he is saying is a lie. Yes, it may happen that maybe he had really a lot of money and he is now bankrupt, so it is wise not to make any deal with such a person about money. It is not wise to take any advice regarding money from a person who is weak in money matters. 

If you think that by always treating any person well, you will get the result as per your expectation, then you are wrong. You always have to remember that people only want what they themselves could never achieve, therefore, giving them frequently, consistent assurances can make you a good manipulator. 

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