Book Summary - The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

A highly effective person is one who has a good character. Who has Strong Values. A highly effective person also has good relationships with other people. He lives harmoniously with his family, relatives, friends, neighbors, and colleagues. And a good relationship lasts for years.

"The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" is an international best seller. This book focuses on improving the character. Most books will tell you how to make friends or impress people, but Seven Habits focuses on making you an effective person first. You will keep influencing the people around you and you will not even know about it.

Today I'll tell you 3 habits you must follow to improve yourself and become an Effective person

Habit 1 - Proactive

Psychologist Viktor Frankl says "we can't change what happens around us" but how we respond to it is in our hands. When people say something bad about us, then the deficiency is not in us but in them. The negative things they say about you reveal their own negative view of how they see the world.

Habit 2 - Begin with the end in mind 

All your actions should match your values and your purpose. We face many problems many times. We have to be concerned about something or the other every day. If you do something that doesn't match your principle, then you are becoming an ineffective person.

Habit 3 - First of all do the important things. 

First of all, doing important things is not just about time management. It is also self-management. Some people make to-do lists and boards so that they remember the important work. The real problem is that you have not set your priorities in your heart. Do the important things first.


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