What is the importance of discipline in life?

So you decided to do something, you are completely into it that you will do it anyhow but after 5 minutes, a notification comes on your mobile phone and all your will to do that task is gone. This is where Discipline comes into action. There are many tricks to improve your focus and for that, you need to impart discipline to yourself. 

A person with discipline can achieve anything in life. This is a simple thing. If you have all your mental state towards something, your productivity will increase like anything. The work that used to take 2-3 hours for you to complete, can be finished within 1-2 hrs. For this, You need to be away from distractions like Mobile phone, TV, or anything that is acting as a wall between your extra productive mode.

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments. - Jim Rohn

Most people aren't working with discipline and that's why they work for those who worked with discipline. 

You Just need to understand that life is full of struggles. If you live life, you need to go through these struggles. So why not do it with happiness. If you have to do something that you don't like, you still need to do it so why not do it with all your happiness and focus. This way, your work can also finish faster and you can spend time on the things you love doing like playing something or reading books.

The Bottom Line:

So, in order to be successful and motivated towards your goal, you need to have discipline. This way, you can achieve anything. Life is full of challenges. You need to accept your shortcomings and work on them.


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