How to make Notes like you never had before!

So you have your exam next week and you think making notes of the chapters coming so it can be easy for you to recall the topics. You get a notebook, a pen/pencil, a book and start reading it. After some time, your notes are made and you are yourself not able to understand what you wrote. If this happens with you, try the hacks given below so your notes making improves.

Books are made so everybody understands and notes are made so you understand. There are many ways you can implement to improve your notes writing skills so you can save time in your exams and study more. Some of the ways to do so are:-

1. Write Date and Title clearly
Sometimes, there are multiple notes for the same topic, and if you need to find the right thing, title and write down the date so you can filter out and find the right thing required.

2. Give examples related to your notes
If you summarised something and aren't able to relate it, try giving an example. Like, If you made notes regarding science, give a real-life example supporting it.

3. Use Vibrant Colours
Colors have been shown to change alpha brain waves. They can have a great impact on our brain. Using different colors will make the notes more interesting and will seem to be attractive.

4. Make point-to-point notes.
Notes are used to summarise a large amount of content so we can use it later as a quick reference. Making Point-To-Point notes is helpful as you'll get direct information available at your key points. 

I hope these tricks will help and your notes will look better than ever. Do share with your friends.

See you next time!


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