How to install Mac OS on a Laptop

Hi Everyone, Trust you are well in these pandemic times. 

The world has changed a lot in these pandemic times. I wish this ends soon.

Today, I am going to talk about having your Laptop running with MacOS.

Yes, you read it right - MacOS on a laptop!

Basically, there are three most popular laptop operating systems in the world and they are MACOS, windows, and LINUX.

Today I will tell you How to install macOS Mojave without using mac... that too on an HP Laptop using HACKINTOSH. 

You'd require:

1. Desktop or Laptop 
2. USB Drive 16 GB or more
3. Hackintosh zone account
4. BitTorrent
5. transmac

First, you have to download transmac and Bittorrent. 

Then go to Hackintosh Zone and download the macOS Mojave. 

When the download is completed open it with BitTorrent. Deselect every option except the Niresh Mojave.dmg. 

Then download the transmac. Plugin your flash drive and then run transmac as Administrator. 
Click on run. 
Choose your pen drive, right-click, and select restore with the disk image. 
Click on yes. Choose the Niresh Mojave. 
Click on yes and wait for it to format. 

When it is done, power off your computer and open the bios menu by pressing the bios key from the list below. 

Find an option called SETA operator and do it to AHCI. Then go to boot options and set boot to UEFI. Also, turn off secure boot.

Save the Bios and turn off your computer. Turn on your computer and again go to the bios menu. Insert your flash drive, choose it, and hit enter.

After a few seconds, a screen with the Hackintosh zone will come with some options. 

Select it and hit enter. After some time, You will see the image below. 

Click on continue. When you see the finder bar, click on disk utilities. 

Choose your Disk and click on format. Give it the name you want, the scheme to GUID Partition Map, and Format to APPS. When it's done, close it. Click next until you see a page where you need to select a drive. 

Select the disk and click continue. You will see installing a macOS screen. 


When it's done, After that, you will see the restart screen. 

After it is done, power off your computer. When it is on, you will see the same screen that you saw first. 

Select your Disk that you have formatted and hit enter. 

After some time, you will see the first time mac os starting screen.

After Setting Up your mac, you will see the macOS starting up. 

Wooohoo! And there you go - Mac running seamlessly on your Laptop!

Hope you liked it! Do share this blog and leave your comments!


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