Benefits of watermelon

Hi everyone, trust you are doing well in this COVID-19 pandemic time.

We know that there are many diseases spreading and their many cures. We should start by building our immunity and one of the great fruit to build immunity is watermelon. 

Watermelon is very healthy and good food. There are some very nice benefits of eating watermelon.

1. Watermelon keeps us hydrated as it is 92% fo water. 

2. It contains a compound that prevents us from cancer

3. It is good for skin and hair. 

4. It can also improve digestion. 
5. It may improve heart health. 
6. It may help to relieve muscle soreness. 

7. It has many nutrients and minerals. 

8. It may also prevent Macular Degeneration. 

I hope you loved the benefits of Watermelon and the last thing I would like to say is 


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